I am submitting this anonymously because I work for a job where I am allowed to take no partisan side, and that work is very important, and the side that has just seized power over this country is the side that would just as soon see me, and the thousands more fighting for the rights of the oppressed alongside me, gone.

But know that I will do everything I can to love each and every one of you, to be there for you in this time of fear and uncertainty, that I will do everything in my power to protect each and every one of you, in whichever way I can.

As we search for answers, and try to pull ourselves out of the fog that seems to have cast a pall across those parts of the country who genuinely did not wish for this to be, I think it is important to not overlook one simple fact: roughly the same number of people voted for the Republican candidate in this election as they did in 2008 and 2012. In fact, as it stands right now, and I understand that there are votes left to count, roughly 1 million more people voted for Mitt Romney than voted for Donald Trump. In searching for answers, let us not forget to look at our own actions, and what we on the left did to arrive at this point. I know we were all angry at the DNC, we all had our misgivings about Hillary Clinton, we all wanted this to be better, but it wasn’t, and now we are left with Donald Trump.

In the coming weeks, as we grieve and shout in our anger that this man is not our president, I hope we do not burn ourselves out. We have a tendency as a country to rail against things with great might for a day, a week, or a month, and then to move on with our lives, but this fight is a marathon and not a sprint. It is important to keep in mind that this man, this hateful, unqualified, ignorant man is still more than two months away from his first day as our president – and yes, barring a historically unprecedented miracle, he is going to be our president. We had our chance to do something about it, and to now hope for a miracle rather than prepare for what is to come is dangerous and reckless.

We need to turn our focus to our local and state representatives, to make sure that this anger we all feel does not burn brightly for the next day, week, or month and then smolder out, but is instead kept alive for the next two, four, however many years. We have to protect this country, its rights, and most importantly its peoples, and fight to give this country the congress it deserves in two years, and the president it does in four. This is a marathon, not a sprint, and it would be a disservice to this nation, and to the people who now need our help the most, to run out of breath in the first mile.

We need to fight for a better body of politicians to represent us, just as much as we need to fight to overthrow the tired, old, racist device that is the electoral college, a holdout from an era when slave states were afraid that the votes of the free black men (and let us not forget that it would only have been men) in the North would dominate the white voices of the South. This is a long fight. We need to fight everyday to call out those acts of prejudice, no matter how minor or severe, we see, and to protect and comfort those who are affected by it. This is a long fight. We need to find and support a candidate truly deserving of the highest office of the United States of America, and we need to drive them there with singular purpose and vision in 2020. This is a long fight.

So cry out, stamp your feet, and raise your voice to all those who will listen that we will not stand for this, that this is not what we want, nor what we deserve, because that statement must be heard, and understood, by all. But when that anger dies down, when the reality sets in that this man, this contemptible man, this regressive and repressive man, is our commander-in-chief, get ready to fight. Fight hard, and fight long. I cannot believe that this is the rebirth of a white, male, cisgender and heteronormative nation, with no room for anyone else (as if such a conception ever left us at all). I have to believe that this is its death rattle, its last grasp for a fading power. Let us make sure that we snuff it out, not through hatred or violence – these are the tools of those whom we cannot stand. Let us do so by being better, being more prepared, being more active, and louder. Let us take comfort in the knowledge that we are right and they are wrong, and our day is yet to come. Let us fight.

by X