Absolute Magnitude

I Like It when we lay on uncomfortable bean bags and turn off the overheads because the harsh fluorescent brightness makes our hangovers worse but the Christmas lights are so pretty, leave those on.

When You Sleep, I can’t tell who you’re dreaming about. I used to. You smell like my perfume and your shirt is on my back. Your arm is around me and you hold me closer. But I can’t help but wonder, is it still about me?

For You Are my… I can’t find the words. “Rock” sounds too cliche and “everything” sounds like we’re two lovesick kids who don’t know which way is up. There was a time when my planets aligned every time you came into my orbit. Your touch always seemed to radiate heat and I couldn’t get enough. We slept the day away and came alive at night. Or, at least, I tried. Because the sunset looked

So Beautiful and I knew we were always night creatures. I wanted you to see it the way I do. The air is thicker, sweeter. Everything seems brighter when the sky fades to violet. But you couldn’t see it, or maybe you didn’t want to.

Yet, maybe that’s just it. You always have a fire in your heart. You scream at me, blame me for being content in something so black, so dark. I cry because I don’t know how to tell you. I was just trying to see the stars, not the constellations. I was

So Unaware Of It, the mess I made. One false move and a catastrophe lies at our feet and now everything is blinding hot. It’s too hot. Your arm feels like lead. I push it away. I roll over. Away from you.

that’s the one thing i like about the moon

it never tries to burn you